Saturday, 19 February 2011

Recycle Newspaper

Here's how the final piece looked at the end of the project. Overall I'm pleased with my work but feel if it just had one more weeks work put into it, it could have been much better. I think I did more research than was required for me to do and I'd taken too long on deciding my theme, if I hadn't made these mistakes with my time management I would have gotten more time to spend on the layout and improving the graphic design like the typography. My feedback from the tutors was ok, and Alex Jarvis liked my duck, he said I had a "Nice quirky way of looking at things" and I had "Playful ideas on re-use of paper - interesting ideas for interactivity". My tutor Darren said "There are some nice interesting ideas here" and "The best bit which should be explored more is the 7 days for a newspaper to become a newspaper again".

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