Saturday, 19 February 2011

Recycle Newspaper

Here's how the final piece looked at the end of the project. Overall I'm pleased with my work but feel if it just had one more weeks work put into it, it could have been much better. I think I did more research than was required for me to do and I'd taken too long on deciding my theme, if I hadn't made these mistakes with my time management I would have gotten more time to spend on the layout and improving the graphic design like the typography. My feedback from the tutors was ok, and Alex Jarvis liked my duck, he said I had a "Nice quirky way of looking at things" and I had "Playful ideas on re-use of paper - interesting ideas for interactivity". My tutor Darren said "There are some nice interesting ideas here" and "The best bit which should be explored more is the 7 days for a newspaper to become a newspaper again".

Success by Design

This is a newspaper designed as a collaborative 1 day project in class, we split the class into 4 groups which each had to design 3 pages of the newspaper. Everyone in the group would be given a different job, such as Art Director, Editor, Senior Designer, Graphic Designer, Artworking and Digital imaging. My group did pages 7, 8 & 9, the jobs I was given were Artworking and Digital imaging.

Jo Spencer

Art made from recycled newspaper

I really like these images I found online of amazing pieces of art made from everyday newspapers. They all look great, but a few of them help the planet more by using the newspaper to make something that not only looks good but has a use to it as well.

Editorial design

In class with Jo we looked at editorial design. This included looking at all the different roles their is in an editorial team, then we looked at the process of content planning and process of design by making FlatPlans. Enjoy these interesting videos which show designing a magazine in fast motion.

YouTube - Designing a Magazine in Fast Motion
YouTube - Page design


Once I had decided the theme to my newspaper would be recycling newspaper, I looked up all different ways that newspaper can be recycled creatively. The main one I've been looking at recently is origami. After trying to do some of my own origami, I discovered how precise the folds have to be in order for it to work, the folding instructions are far more complex compared to a paper aeroplane. When I was searching the web for folding instructions on origami pieces I found this site with galleries which are FULL of different objects to make out of paper. Gilad's Origami Page is the home of the largest collection of origami book reviews and photo galleries. The images below are only a small amount of the origami on this site.

I might use origami to communicate something about Elephant & Castle because LCC is located there, by making an elephant like the one above. Make sure you check out the gallery of origami pieces on the websites link below.


For the Newspaper Club project, Alex Jarvis is a designer at BERG who will be coming in to help crit the work, at the interim crit and again 2 weeks later at the final formative assessment. BERG is a design consultancy, working hands-on with companies to research and develop their technologies and strategy, primarily by finding opportunities in networks and physical things. Alex graduated from Central St Martins in 2007 with First Class Honours in BA Graphic Design. For the last year he has also been a mentor on the FdA mentorship scheme at the LCC, providing advice and assistance to students in their second year of the course. Alex knows what I should be aiming for in this project so I will be listening to his feedback from my crit.

Alex Jarvis

At the interim crit I had 5 minutes to present how my work was going, my feedback wasn't great but it helped me understand the project better and decide that the theme to my newspaper was going to be recycling newspaper, the crit was also a bit of a wake up call which got me to knuckle down and knock up some real sized prototypes.

My SurveyMonkey Questionnaire

Here's a few questions I've put together to make a questionnaire using the popular survey site I've emailed it to my graphic design tutors from the course I'm doing this year, and also tutors from Foundation last year. I have also printed the survey out around 20 times, and have been asking year 1 & 2 graphic design students If they could spare some time to fill it in to help with my projects research. Year 3 students would be good to get hold of to take part in my survey since they're about to be going into the real world of graphic design outside of university working for a design industry, sadly they're hard to get hold of at this time of the year with them being busy with their dissertations. I'm also planning on getting in touch with design industries so that I can get a professional graphic designers opinion. It would be very nice if you could spare me some of your time to take part in my questionnaire so I could get your opinion about graphic design of the 21st century, Click here to take survey.

Newspaper Club project brief

Here's the brief to my project, just incase I didn't explain enough what I have to do.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Editing newspaper layouts

Below are images in class when in groups of 3, we were given the task of making a double page spread by cutting images, text, headlines & sub-headings out of newspapers. Then playing around with the layout of the page, doing some editorial research.


First we collected everything we found interesting to cut-out of newspapers.


Then we experimented with all the cut-outs we had, combining different pieces to make different layouts.


Then above are a couple of results we had.

Newspaper Ideas

The Images below are from a lesson where we got into groups of 4-6 people and had to make 2 quick prototypes of newspapers within a couple of hours which contained ideas relating to graphic design of the 21st century.

The 2 images above are of famous graphic designers of the 21st century in different areas of graphic design.

The image above was the cover to another groups newspaper, I was amused of the humorous idea of a machine gun which fires pencils. I also liked the idea of a 'Designers Survival Guide' listing things you have to do to survive as a graphic designer, I felt they'd really found a way to answer the projects question of 'what a graphic designer needs to learn and be able to do to successfully function in the 21st century.

Newspaper Club

For the project I am doing at the moment, I am looking at what a graphic designer needs to learn and be able to do to successfully function in the 21st century. Then I have to design and produce a 12 page publication that communicates what I've found out. It will be designed as a PDF to be printed using the Newspaper Club format.

A few people got in touch with the Newspaper Club about making a newspaper for their wedding, which is a great idea. Have a look at these images of the newspaper a bride and groom sent out to all their guests.

Newspaper Club