Saturday, 19 February 2011


Once I had decided the theme to my newspaper would be recycling newspaper, I looked up all different ways that newspaper can be recycled creatively. The main one I've been looking at recently is origami. After trying to do some of my own origami, I discovered how precise the folds have to be in order for it to work, the folding instructions are far more complex compared to a paper aeroplane. When I was searching the web for folding instructions on origami pieces I found this site with galleries which are FULL of different objects to make out of paper. Gilad's Origami Page is the home of the largest collection of origami book reviews and photo galleries. The images below are only a small amount of the origami on this site.

I might use origami to communicate something about Elephant & Castle because LCC is located there, by making an elephant like the one above. Make sure you check out the gallery of origami pieces on the websites link below.

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