Saturday, 19 February 2011

My SurveyMonkey Questionnaire

Here's a few questions I've put together to make a questionnaire using the popular survey site I've emailed it to my graphic design tutors from the course I'm doing this year, and also tutors from Foundation last year. I have also printed the survey out around 20 times, and have been asking year 1 & 2 graphic design students If they could spare some time to fill it in to help with my projects research. Year 3 students would be good to get hold of to take part in my survey since they're about to be going into the real world of graphic design outside of university working for a design industry, sadly they're hard to get hold of at this time of the year with them being busy with their dissertations. I'm also planning on getting in touch with design industries so that I can get a professional graphic designers opinion. It would be very nice if you could spare me some of your time to take part in my questionnaire so I could get your opinion about graphic design of the 21st century, Click here to take survey.

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