Friday, 26 November 2010


For my introduction to Letterpress, we've made a newspaper of different typefaces. The project was to get into groups, then each group would get one typeface which we could use, mine was Albertus, which was for many years used for English coinage and is used for the street name signs in the City of London. We had 3 weeks to design and print our own newspaper page, and print copies of it almost 300 times. Below are snapshots of each stage in the process to make our final piece. The first photo is of when I constructed a famous quote by Milton Glaser; "Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking".


Sorry for taking so long to update my blog, I've been a bit busy with college work, but I'm back now. On my way home from university, whilst walking through the streets I noticed how much typography is actually in our everyday lives, with how almost everything man-made has its own name, therefore it requires some typography. Here's some images of examples you'll find in the streets of London.