Thursday, 14 April 2011

Amazing Macro Photography

Have a look at these amazing close-up photographs of insects taken by photographer Thomas Shahan. It's not often that you see an insect from this close a range, that they actually have a bit of an alien look to them.

Here's Thomas Shahans camera set up, including his lens and flash. To take some photographs which capture this much detail, this guy must have the 'Top Gear'.

Check out more of Thomas Shahans work on the link below.


Alarm Dance

Here are a couple of the Alarm Dance videos made by London-based artist Daniel Eatock (born 1975). One of his projects he's done is a set of videos with different dances to a range of different car alarms. Eatocks artwork has a lot of humour to it, which is one of the main things that attracted me to his work. If you're interested in seeing more of Daniel Eatock, visit to explore more of his projects.

Daniel Eatock

Starbucks logo update

In march 2011, the most powerful brand in coffee, Starbucks, started using a simplified logo to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the company. The new logo does away with the Starbucks coffee' text and the outer ring, leaving only the siren in green. Starbucks are now like Nike with their logo, they've been around for so long now, and are so big, that everyone knows them and there's no need for the text on the logo.

"The result is an evolved logo that celebrates the siren in a much bolder way - it's more expressive and energetic and still uses the same vibrant green circle that is so well recognised by our customers around the world"
Mike P., Senior Creative Manager, Starbucks

I totally agree with the Senior Creative Managers thoughts on the new logo, they managed to change and improve it, by keeping the only part of the logo that was really needed anymore.


Bubble Project

The Bubble Project instantly transforms any annoying ads you may find on the street, public transport etc into open public dialogues. More bubbles mean more freed spaces, more sharing of personal thoughts, more reaction to current events, and more importantly, more imagination and fun. After watching the slideshow of bubbles I found it to be idea with some very humorous results, and feel It would be a fun and easy thing to try myself one time.

Bubble Project

Customise your Converse All-Stars

I am a huge fan of Converse All-Stars, and have my own little collection of Cons in a variety of different colours. Converse is launching its new customisation service, you can get your Converse stuff inked, exclusively at Selfridges. In a matter of minutes you can personalise your trainers using a library of 200 graphics, which will be regularly updated with new designs. If your interested in customising your Converse All-Stars, you can get more info and sign up for it on

Customise your Converse at Selfridges