Monday, 28 March 2011

ASICS silhouettes

My brand idea was to 'Live in your shoes' meaning to wear them 24/7 doing all activities and wearing them in all environments, so the idea is that you can wear your ASICS EVERYday, EVERYwhere, doing EVERYthing. Below are silhouettes of a scuba diver, ballet dancer and Elvis. I decided to go with a similar style to the Apple iPod silhouette adverts. I gave the silhouettes thought bubbles saying "live in your shoes" because that's what the people wearing ASICS would think 24/7. My favourite of the 3 posters I made using card was Elvis, what's yours? When I hand this project in again in the summer I plan to have made these using Illustrator and Photoshop so I can possibly change the layout, edit them more, and do more changes which I think of.

Star Wars Apple iPod Silhouette

While searching the web for interesting or humorous things to put on my blog I bumped into these silhouettes of Star Wars characters, copying the famous advert for the Apple iPod. After seeing these I would like my final piece for the Interbrand project on ASICS shoes to have some silhouettes in it. My favourite is either Darth Vader or Chewbacca, what's yours?

ASICS: Origami "In Pursuit of Perfection"

This video relates a bit to my previous project of recycling paper because of the origami. This is a wonderful video which tells the story of ASICS in a creative way, it goes from talking of things which happened in the past, to what the future is for ASICS.


The Gadget Show

This is a video of The Gadget Show looking at sports trainers, in this episode former sprinter for the United Kingdom, Linford Christie, tests running shoes. He compares a pair of ASICS, Nike and Somnios, and gives his opinion of which are the most comfortable to run in. The video is on this website:

Gadget Show

1976 Olympics gymnastics Shun Fujimoto

ASICS for Japan is what NIKE is for the USA, ASICS dominate the streets with a high % of people wearing them both for sport and just for comfort and looking cool. The whole of Japans Olympic team wear ASICS shoes, and in the 1976 summer olympics hosted in Montreal, Canada, a Japanese gymnast Shun Fujimoto won a gold medal for Japan on the rings with a broken leg.


Royal Footwear

Another famous face I discovered wears ASICS shoes is heir to the throne, the future King of England, Prince William. He's actually wearing the same Onitsuka Tigers as I have, so I can actually say that I wear the same shoes as the Prince. He must've had these shoes custom made and measured to fit his feet by a pro flown in from Japan, no doubt fitted by the owner Mr Kihachiro Onitsuka himself.

Kill Bill

While researching ASICS shoes I bumped into a funny fact which I'd bet a lot of people aren't aware of. I found out that hollywood star Uma Thurman wears Onitsuka Tigers made by ASICS in the blockbuster film Kill Bill. She had her own custom made shoes created for the film, the shoe model is called Onitsuka Tiger - Mexico 66 - Yellow/Black. The shoes she wore in the 2003 & 2004 films were part of the retro relaunch of Onitsuka Tigers. She might also wear them in the Kill Bill trilogy when the third film, Kill Bill: Vol. 3 gets released in 2014. I searched for these shoes in several of the ASICS shops including the Onitsuka Tigers store but couldn't find them, they must sell them somewhere, maybe online, maybe abroad.

Making of Onituka Tiger Made of Japan

This video is amazing, I love the idea of this... ASICS island. It must have been so fun to be part of the team making this. One of the first things I thought when I watched this was "I wish I thought of it first".

Making of Onitsuku Tiger Made of Japan from Brooklyn Model Works on Vimeo.


ASICS Running Shoes

For this project I chose to re-brand or re-fresh ASICS. The popular Japanese running shoe known as ASICS have been developing sports shoes and apparel for more than 50 years now. They are very popular with olympic athletes and marathon runners, that apparently 50% of the people taking part in the London Marathon wear them. One thing that makes ASICS unique from other running shoes is their technology such as their core GEL cushioning system which has helped to create some of the most comfortable and performance enhancing shoes and apparel on the market, which is true because I bought a pair of their Onitsuka Tigers which are surprisingly comfortable. The company name, an acronym for the Latin phrase "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano", means "Sound Mind In A Sound Body". Check out ASICS website listed below.


Project briefing at Interbrand

For this project we got briefed at Interbrands London office on 85 Strand, which was just a 5 minute walk from Covent Garden underground station. It was very professional looking on the inside, with a nice view out the window of central London. Here's an image of Interbrand from outside using Street view on Google maps, followed by some of the photographs I'd taken myself while indoors.


Google maps


One of the first things I did when I got this brief was search the web to find out more about Interbrand. Straight away when I had a read about them on their website I was surprised about how famous and global they are for their work. Interbrand started in 1974 and have now nearly got 40 offices and are the world's largest brand consultancy. The list of huge clients they've worked for goes on and on, with big names on it like McDonald's, Samsung, BMW and more. Check out their website on the link below.


Interbrand brief

Here's the brief to my 2nd wave project; a branding project working with the well known branding agency Interbrand.

Monday, 21 March 2011

The future to packaging in supermarkets?

Here's some more new technology that science is bringing to shops for the future:

Apparently the technology inside the box only costs 10 cents. The supermarket shelves would need to have some kind of electric conducting strip on them though to make the boxes actually light up. So it would only work in the supermarket, not in your cupboard at home. Thinking about it, if this got popular and the supermarket had the flashing lights right down the aisle it could look like some kind of disco nightclub, so they may as well give the shop a dance floor too.


LEGO Augmented Reality

This augmented reality kiosk called "DIGITAL BOX" has been developed by LEGO Digital Systems and metaio. It's awesome, all you have to do is hold up a LEGO box in front of a camera and a 3-D representation of the fully assembled model is projected on top of it. You can rotate the box and the model moves with it.

After an evaluation phase it is now rolled out to LEGO brand stores worldwide and is widely seen as one of the best examples of augmented reality in marketing. I think the kiosk will make shopping funner and easier, because you won't have to just guess which toy is better from the image on the packaging, you can now see inside it, and see the constructed toy from all angles, and view its scale, without having to even open the box.

I don't think the augmented reality kiosk is going to only be seen in LEGO stores for long, because I believe this is the future to shopping.

YouTube - LEGO Augmented Reality

YouTube - LEGO DIGITAL BOX - augmented reality kiosk system

Strictly Cone Dancing

I liked this video not just for the simple yet humorous idea, but also its name; which is taken from the hit UK dance show Strictly Come Dancing.

filthy luker