Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Fun Theory: Volkswagen Masters the Viral Video

Here's some great viral videos made by Volkswagen (or rather ad agency DDB Stockholm). Their new campaign "The Fun Theory"is a series of experiments captured on video to find out if making the world more fun can improve peoples behaviour.

Experiments captured on video below are: does turning a set of subway stairs into a real-life piano encourage people to use them (answer: yes, 66% more). Another experiment asks whether making a trash can sound like a 50ft-deep well will make people pick up their trash. An upcoming experiment, meanwhile, will turn a bottle recycling centre into an arcade game.

Both these finished experiments are great and very humorous, but I think my favourite has to be the piano stairs, if underground stations in London had this, I'd be late for college everyday playing on the stairs. They also remind me of the Chopsticks scene in the movie 'Big', at the bottom of this post i've attached a YouTube video of Tom Hanks having fun playing with a giant piano.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tall Psychedelic Painting

Check out his video of this tall psychedelic painting, it's amazing. The vibrant flowing colours are beautiful, I would love to try this myself, it looks like it needs A LOT of paint and good timing for it to work properly.


Dead Bin Laden newspaper front pages

Many of the front pages use the same photo of Bin Laden, but treat it differently with the use of colour, bold headlines, type size and placement. By Wednesday, a couple days after Bin Laden's death, newspaper front pages featured unanswered questions, like "Who pulled the trigger?" and "What did Pakistan know?". On the link below, there is almost 50 of the best front pages on Osama Bin Laden's death, I've picked out a selection of my favourites.

Recycle Newspaper - Improved for Summative Assessment

Sorry for not posting anything for a while but life's been busy recently... but I'm back. After putting some extra time into the Graphic Design of this project, especially the layout and typography, I feel I've made a big improvement to when I handed it in for the Formative Assessment earlier this year. I feel that adding more text to the pages of the newspaper also helped as It explains what you're looking at. My favourite pages in the newspaper are 'The China Question', again because of the duck, but also for how much it had been improved with how the text fits into the columns, and the Chinese type font which I was very pleased with finding online.