Monday, 21 March 2011

LEGO Augmented Reality

This augmented reality kiosk called "DIGITAL BOX" has been developed by LEGO Digital Systems and metaio. It's awesome, all you have to do is hold up a LEGO box in front of a camera and a 3-D representation of the fully assembled model is projected on top of it. You can rotate the box and the model moves with it.

After an evaluation phase it is now rolled out to LEGO brand stores worldwide and is widely seen as one of the best examples of augmented reality in marketing. I think the kiosk will make shopping funner and easier, because you won't have to just guess which toy is better from the image on the packaging, you can now see inside it, and see the constructed toy from all angles, and view its scale, without having to even open the box.

I don't think the augmented reality kiosk is going to only be seen in LEGO stores for long, because I believe this is the future to shopping.

YouTube - LEGO Augmented Reality

YouTube - LEGO DIGITAL BOX - augmented reality kiosk system

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