Sunday, 31 October 2010

One Thing Leads To Another And Another And Another...

Every image was made by tracing the basic shape of the oak leaf.

The first leaf drawing is created using parallel lines to make the shape of the leaf, the lines also resemble the veins in the leaf because of their upward direction. By adding a leaf green colour, it has given it more life and made the image more powerful.

The second drawing is one of my favourites because of the use of negative space to make the leaf shape. The cross-hatching background is very bold and gives a structure to the drawing.

The third leaf is comprised of a series of dots numbered 1-50. I like this image because its humerous being a join-the-dots puzzle.

The last image is probably the most successful. By using the method of repetition of the leaves on top of each other I have created a circular shape which could be seen as a snowflake or a flowerhead.

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