Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Fun Theory: Volkswagen Masters the Viral Video

Here's some great viral videos made by Volkswagen (or rather ad agency DDB Stockholm). Their new campaign "The Fun Theory"is a series of experiments captured on video to find out if making the world more fun can improve peoples behaviour.

Experiments captured on video below are: does turning a set of subway stairs into a real-life piano encourage people to use them (answer: yes, 66% more). Another experiment asks whether making a trash can sound like a 50ft-deep well will make people pick up their trash. An upcoming experiment, meanwhile, will turn a bottle recycling centre into an arcade game.

Both these finished experiments are great and very humorous, but I think my favourite has to be the piano stairs, if underground stations in London had this, I'd be late for college everyday playing on the stairs. They also remind me of the Chopsticks scene in the movie 'Big', at the bottom of this post i've attached a YouTube video of Tom Hanks having fun playing with a giant piano.


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