Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Project 01 PDF

For the project in term 1, we got given three variables by rolling a dice; my client was a political/elected party, the message I had to communicate was to help others and the audience I had to aim it at was inner city 15-20 year olds. Below is the first PDF I have made which shows the research I did on these three variables, and the ideas I had; using a range of different formats to communicate the message of helping others. Not only was this the first PDF I'd made but it was also the first time I'd properly used Adobe InDesign, which made it a challenging but fun project. I was able to share this PDF with you by using this website: http://issuu.com/.

I am planning on putting more work into this piece of work for when it gets resubmitted for further marking. I will post it up again in the spring/summer seasons of the year to show the development I'll have made to it and also to show how my computer and design skills have improved during the course.

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