Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Kyle Simpson

On 'The Simpsons' movie's website you can create your own Simpsons Avatar. It's a lot of fun, it gives you the chance to be really creative making a character who could live in Springfield or you can be silly and make someone that looks like a freak. You can customise your Avatars gender, size, hair, eyes, nose, mouth and clothes, with a large selection of different styles to choose from. As you can see below i've been on the site and have had a play around creating Avatars, below is what I think I would look like if I was a character in 'The Simpsons'.

I also gave it a go creating Simpsons Avatars of my tutors from university. Below are Darren, David, Paul, Catherine, Karl and Ian. Out of the six of them I feel The Simpsons Avatar of Paul was the best result and most like him.

Check out the link below to have a go creating your own Simpsons Avatar.

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